Bad Touch – Down and Out

There is no doubt that Bad Touch are a true rock band, through and through. Hailing from Norfolk, ‘Down and Out’ is the first full album from the upcoming band. A solid rhythm section, thick heavy chords and classic blues rock licks combine to give the band a sound that is modern – while remaining true to their classic rock influences.  They have taken classic rock and ran their own way with it – and it works.

These lads are talented, to say the least. They do more than provide a soundtrack, they provide an atmosphere. The recording of the album is polished, yet the sound still feels raw, maintaining a live element that is a key factor in any decent rock recording. From the first listen of the album, it is clear that Bad Touch know what they are doing.

Choosing one song that stands out in the record is difficult, but if forced I would have to say the opening track – ‘Down’. A song full of classic rock n’ roll swagger, it grabs you by the throat and forces your attention. Thick heavy chords and tight well thought out lead coupled with solid backing that gets you pumped up. The song is well balanced, dipping in and out, slowing and building at the right times – creating what is basically a quintessential rock song. This is in no way a bad thing, Bad Touch execute it with such prowess that it strange to think that this song hasn’t filled arenas – yet.

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